Mill Management

Implement the operational hub that puts every key feed mill data point at your fingertips.

Pennent® Mill Manager.
Your next-generation operations software.

Gain the kind of total control over all aspects of your feed mill that gives you power to create substantial efficiencies. Pennent® Mill Manager next-generation software links all your critical mill functions to one user-friendly interface. The ultimate operations hub, it was developed for feed mills by people with intimate knowledge of feed mills. Are you ready to make a good business even better?

See the big picture. Analyze the details.

Connect all critical functions of your mill to create a big-picture view. In real time, gain deep visibility into all of those functions, such as formulation, purchasing, inventory management, manufacturing financials and more. With Pennent® Mill Manager solutions, you’re getting extraordinary power to manage your feed mill with improved efficiency, more accuracy and greater control.

Improve operational efficiencies to reduce costs.

Gain greater control of purchasing, costs, inventory and ordering to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Pennent® Mill Manager software works with existing ERP systems and is scalable to support operational growth.

Make better decisions faster.

Connect systems and processes across your feed mill and enter data only once. Then, with real-time data for ingredient management, regulatory compliance and more at your fingertips, you can make better decisions faster, and improve management reporting.

Streamline regulatory compliance with accurate record keeping.

Track, trace and document ingredient lots to improve your formulations and simplify regulatory requirements. With accurate recordkeeping, you gain robust traceability and streamline your compliance functions.

Feed Mill Manager™

The original solution for gaining more control over every aspect of your operation.

As a mill manager, you know how important it is to reduce uncertainties around inventory, margin and pricing, maintenance, energy usage, and more. Feed Mill Manager™ solution gives you more control over every aspect of your operation, no matter the size of your business.

  • Greater visibility into variables that influence mill efficiencies, so you can make real-time adjustments.
  • Seamless operation from supply to customer delivery.
  • Reports that give you a look at what’s happening in the moment.

Feed Mill Manager™ solution helps you make the right decisions more quickly and see greater results on your bottom line.