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Linking Lab Data to Formulation

Built to improve and maintain data integrity, Mat-Link™ provides formulation teams the tools they need to ensure feed quality. Designed for formulators, by formulators, Mat-Link™ enables review of the latest test results before it enters formulation. Review new lab data, validate, and adjust as required, without overriding production data. Then simply import into Brill® Formulation.


With Mat-Link™ you can:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of mis-formulation with improved management of incoming nutrient changes
    • Review, compare and adjust data before import, allowing formulation teams to prevent inaccurate data from impacting formulation or even production.
  • Save time formulation teams are spending on manual data entry and review.
    • Ease the workload of maintaining formulation data integrity, allowing time for higher value-add tasks.


How it Works

Mat-Link Workflow