Adapting for the all-powerful consumer

Astonishing Millennial consumer purchasing power – and unavoidable demands related to how and where food is raised – is forcing change upon animal producers. See how digitalization will help animal producers adapt and remain competitive.


Making More Room for Margin

Top-of-line growth can be challenging for feed mills. What might be a better approach to strengthen business and maintain competitiveness? Focus on strategies that incorporate technology to increase margins. Read four ways mills can wield data to squeeze waste from operations and increase margins.


Four trends that will disrupt feed mills by 2022

Technology is at the heart of what’s driving four trends affecting feed mill operations. Mills with a big-picture view of what’s going on inside and outside their walls, and the ability to drill down to details in real time, can make the right strategic and operational decisions at the right time. 


Four ways feed producers benefit from digitalization

Feed producers can improve profit margins with better data connectivity. It’s possible with a fully connected digital system that reaches across the entire feed production value chain. Read the four ways digitalization supports feed efficiency and profits.

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