The business tool that formulates

iNDIGO™ is the next-generation, Microsoft-accredited formulation software from Format Solutions. It has been designed by formulators and nutritionists, combined with insights from our world-wide customer base. Through modern technology and approaches, iNDIGO™ shifts the emphasis to enable formulation to become a true business tool and play a key role in driving profitability.


Spend more time on optimization

Make informed, cost-saving decisions

Easily communicate business-critical data

Model the real world with new optimization tools


MANAGE  –  Allowing you to focus on optimization

Manage - Time Periods

iNDIGO’s dynamic user interface allows you to quickly find the data you need and display it in the way you want. View and edit efficiently and reliably all in one, intuitive workspace across plants and time periods.

A flexible data structure, with in-built data hierarchy, allows you to mirror the reality your business. Use powerful system features to reflect the complex production and marketing environment you work in. Manage formula data variability by location and time period to improve the accuracy inputs to optimization.

When data is in the right place, at the right time, you are always ready to respond, spending time on the routine formulation, planning and risk assessment exercises that bring so much value to your business.


OPTIMIZE  –  Helping you make the right decision


Parametrics All iNDIGO™ optimization tools offer dynamic user interface with interactive change and re-optimize facilities. Compare current with previous/stored solutions and view full constraint sensitivity. Full information and the ability to investigate alternatives help you make the right decision.

  • Optimize single products with iNDIGO™ Single-Mix® or in bulk using the Sequential option
  • Multi-Mix® optimzes multiple products with constraints on ingredient availability. Used tactically or strategically, Multi-Mix® delivers significant savings
  • Parametrics for Single-Mix® and Multi-Mix® rapidly investigates movements in a variety of optimization inputs. Graphical presentation of the results means easy interpretation
  • Our advanced tools, Mixed Integer and Non-Linear Constraints optimization model your business and real-world situations even more closely.

Achieve a new level of accuracy with class-leading optimization tools in combination with iNDIGO’s location and time period structure, bringing greater value through new cost-saving opportunities.


ANALYZE  –  A Clear View


On-screen reports and graphics help you drill into the detail of ingredient and product quality, product costing and the impacts of ingredient usage.

Review history and predict the future. Flexible, user-friendly reports and interactions help you make the right decision.



Connect  –  The Power of Connections


iNDIGO™ enhances and multiplies the value of the formulation system by connecting with systems and people.

Based on SQL Server Reporting Services iNDIGO’s reporting capabilities are the most flexible available. Create your own reports and add to the program’s options, or publish externally for other stakeholders. iNDIGO™ is also able to provide reports via other tools and has direct Excel exports.

iNDIGO™ has also been developed with integration in mind, join systems together, share data using XML or CSV files (with self-design set up) or integrate through database and API tools.

Achieve a new level of accuracy with class-leading optimization tools in combination with iNDIGO’s location and time period structure, bringing greater value through new cost-saving opportunities.

Supporting you in implementation and beyond, at your pace


iNDIGO™ is backed up by a team of knowledgeable industry and IT professionals located in our main offices in Minneapolis, USA and Woking, UK, and in other locations around the world. We will assist you in assessing, planning and executing your transition to iNDIGO™. With more than 30 years experience in supporting formulation software in a global market, Format Solutions is committed to providing world-class services for your implementation project and continuing use of iNDIGO™.