iNDIGO™ is our cutting-edge formulation solution that will change the way you manage your feed and food operations. With a sleek, flexible user interface, you arrange and filter your data in the way that works best for you. Edit ingredients and formulas across your manufacturing sites with unparalleled efficiency, reducing hassle and unnecessary costs.

Driven by industry-leading algorithms and optimization engines, iNDIGO™ puts the power in your hands. Peer deeper into your supply chains to better understand and manage your costs. Plan for tomorrow with multiple scenarios that account for possible market fluctuations and give you a better view of your future cost structure.

iNDIGO™ is easy for all members of your team to use, including formulators, nutritionists, merchants and managers. Smart Filters let you search and call up specific information at a keystroke any time you need it. Automated reporting systems generate the customized reports you need to keep everyone in the loop. iNDIGO™ allows you to spend less time on manual data entry and more time focused on the critical decisions that enable your business to grow.

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A module for every need
No matter your operation, we have iNDIGO™ modules that provide the right solutions.

As part of your core iNDIGO™ package, you’ll get access to Single Mix®, a powerful tool to quickly formulate single-level and simple multi-component feed and food products. Whether you’re producing animal and aqua feed, breakfast cereals, meat products or juices, Single Mix® is your answer.

Our Multi Mix® module optimizes all products in a plant for a particular time period, accounting for limits on raw material supplies. Achieve significant cost savings by using the right ingredients at the right time in the right formulas.

Take this a step further with Global Mix®, for multiple plants across multiple time periods. Move ingredients among locations while taking freight into account to make sure you can deliver to your customers on time at least-cost.

If you’re a manufacturer with multiple components in various products, Integra Mix® is your answer. Pet food manufacturers in particular find this module useful, since it allows them to account for multiple steps in the production process.

Track all your recipes and nutrient labels over time with our Tracer™ module, so you can be sure of which ingredients went into what product at what time. It’s a complete snapshot of your formulation database, to help with quality assurance and tracking.

Reduce the worry over accurate labeling with Smart Label™, which reads your formulas and compares against all relevant regulations to create compliant labels with minimal fuss.

Other modules can assist you with bio-security, reporting and additional aspects of your business, so you can spend more time on what matters.

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