Make critical business decisions faster.  


Do you have access to all essential formulation data?

You’re working to cover demand for an ever-changing set of customer formula designs and manage ongoing issues related to ingredient logistics, market price changes, supply chain challenges and last minute orders. Toss into that mix the desire to give your own people the best possible tools to work with. Formulating isn’t easy, but it can be easier. The key is having  easy access to all essential formulation data. 

Advanced optimization engines drive our formulation software products. Our optimization tools give your team the ability to model each real life scenario and take into account all critical data all at once, giving them the power to do their jobs even better. Discover how we help improve formula management, lower costs and inspire confidence.

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The business tool that formulates

Purpose-built from the start, iNDIGO is the business tool that formulates. Inspired by our global customer base, formulators and nutritionists designed iNDIGO from the ground up. iNDIGO makes formulation a powerful business tool with a key role in driving your profitability. 


Manage complex data efficiently and accurately. When data is easily accessible, you’re always ready to quickly respond to management questions.

Optimize to invest more time in planning and risk assessment. Our optimization solvers reflect real-life situations, helping you improve the accuracy of your formulation projections. Efficiently view and edit data across locations and time. 

Analyze data by drilling down to details through easy-to-understand screens and graphics.  Quickly create new reports to share with your management team. Clearly understand your business data by learning from history, and predict the future.

Connect to people and systems. When key people have the right information, better decisions get made. Have confidence that error-free data is traveling securely and efficiently through your systems. 


Brill Formulation®

Work smarter. Get formulas to production faster. 

Avoid having to wonder whether data is accurate or where to find it. Put your formulas into production more efficiently. The Brill Formulation® platform reduces repetitive manual work, saving you time and money, and helps you meet formulation specifications at least cost. If you want more control over formulations, consider Brill Formulation® from Format Solutions. 

New Century™

Improve supply chain visibility and make better decisions.

No matter the size of your feed or food operation, New Century™ formulation software and powerful modules give you deep visibility into your supply chains to make effective business decisions. Improve efficiency, traceability and quality assurance while reducing manual work. Automated reports keep everyone on your team in the know.

Feed Ration Balancer

Take your ration balancing to the next level with our Feed Ration Balancer™ solution.

Expect more predictable results from your diets and reduce their overall cost per unit of nutrition. Developing and updating individualized rations across multiple species has never been easier. The flexible, personalized user interface for Feed Ration Balancer™ is friendly and familiar, and it’s backed by serious encryption that ensures the security of your data and equations. Easy for you to access what you need, while keeping it safe from anyone else. Connect it to your other systems and you brand it with your name and logo.