Digital Nutrition

The precision-nutrition system that helps you capture more margin for every ton of product produced.

The Digital Nutrition system allows you to dynamically match nutrient supply with nutrient demand, increasing your margin or income over feed costs and delivering more consistent, predictable performance to the animals you feed.

Connected suite of tools
Capture more margin for every ton of product produced.

Digital Nutrition provides the connectivity that is needed to maximize quality and profitability throughout the supply chain of the feed mill. As complex as many of these processes can be, our solution is built with connectivity in mind, so you can focus on the activities that matter most to your business.



Record. Validate. Measure.

As the tools perform their functions, we help you validate, measure and record performance.

  • Record the mounds of analytical data on a wide range of feed ingredients and forages, so that data is retrievable and usable to formulate the best possible product in the most cost effective and optimal manner.
  • Validate that our nutrient technologies, animal models, and lab processes are providing the results you expected.
  • Measure with pinpoint accuracy, the animal performance derived from the nutrients.
  • Take advantage of local nutrient supply differences to optimize supplier selection
Ensuring your smooth transition.

Digitalization doesn’t have to be daunting. Partnering with Format Solutions and its proven process will help smooth the road ahead. With Digital Nutrition, decades of animal research and laboratory analyses led to our suite of digital tools. Animal performance models, supporting nutrient technologies and laboratory methods ensure a cohesive, consistent system.

Digital Nutrition was built specifically for the feed industry. No other service can provide our full-spectrum solution to help you capture more margin and grow your business.