Understand what others don’t: EVERYTHING


The seamless solution for precision nutrition.

Digital Nutrition is the precision nutrition system with a seamlessly connected suite of analytical tools that allows data to flow throughout your operation. It gives you power to make better decisions, capture more profit and grow your business in a safe, sustainable way.

If you’re responsible for optimizing feed, reducing costs or achieving predictability in animal performance, you rely on accurate data to make important decisions. When you have the right information available to you at the right time, you can make the best possible decisions and have a profound effect on profit improvement. Digital nutrition delivers. 



Get smarter in these key areas.

Accurate Ingredient Analysis

CoreTest™ CoreTest™ nutrition software helps you quickly and accurately measure the nutrient composition of your raw materials.

Managing Supplier Variation

CoreSample™ CoreSample® nutrition software makes you faster, smarter and more efficient at managing ingredient variation and choosing suppliers.

Efficient Feed Design

CoreCalc™ CoreCalc™ nutrient system precisely matches nutrient supply to phase-specific animal requirements, helping you formulate to your goals.

Optimizing Diet Performance

CoreDiet™ nutrition software optimizes diets and predicts animal performance while creating a balance between the farm’s constraints and goals.


Our proven process takes the scary out of change.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be daunting. When we partner, you get a suite of digital tools created from decades of animal research and laboratory analysis. You get a proven process to help smooth implementation and change. Our animal performance models, supporting nutrient technologies and laboratory methods ensure that you’re putting a cohesive, consistent system in place. 

We built Digital Nutrition specifically for the feed industry. It’s the full-spectrum solution that helps you capture more margin and grow your business in a way no other service can.