CoreTest™ Nutrition Software

Robust NIR calculations help you accurately predict nutrient values.

CoreTest™ is our proprietary set of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy calibrations developed to help customers measure the nutrient values of tested ingredients. Any Format Solutions Digital Nutrition customer that has an NIR machine – or works with an external lab – can use these calibrations.

CoreTest NIR calibrations help you accurately predict nutrient values. They allow fast analysis and adjustments to formulation, based on the nutrient supply from the ingredients, to reduce feed variability.

The result? You can make informed decisions that save time and money, and improve animal performance.

How NIR makes a difference.

Ingredients can be highly variable nutrients sources. Yet, knowing the nutrient content of feed ingredients is critical to achieving and maintaining animal performance.

You could run wet chemistry tests to determine nutrient content, but that can quickly become burdensome, expensive, and impractical.

NIR analysis delivers unmatched advantages:

- Fast and safe

- Inexpensive (relative to wet chemistry for all samples)

- Non-destructive (so the sample can be archived in case it is needed later)

- Environmentally-friendly (no chemical reagents, no mess, no waste, no disposal)

- Measures a wide range of analytes with one scan

- Transferrable from one instrument to another

You may wonder if it’s easier to purchase an NIR instrument. Most organizations with low volumes of feed ingredient requirements – approximately less than  50,000 tons of finished feed produced annually – benefit most by working with a partner skilled at delivering NIR services. That’s because the single most important key to success with NIR is robust calibrations, those equations that correlate NIR light spectra to previously validated, statistically-valid, wet chemistry results.


Format Solutions offers unmatched NIR services.

- 30+ physical locations globally, leveraging global data while accommodating local applications

- 14 NIR equipment brands supported

- 400+ individual NIR instruments supported

- 30+ nutrients and other analytes (10-15 more than commonly measured)

- 10,000+ ingredient suppliers represented in the database, allowing the most robust NIR models and most accurate predictions

- 16 wet chemistry labs, enabling control of all needed wet chemistry reference data

- 2 million samples from all over the world cover more than 200 feed ingredients

- 12 million+ nutrients analyzed every year

- Provider of instrument maintenance, QC, support, and training services

The value you gain.

If you believe in the benefits of NIR analysis, consider that achieving robust calculations requires significant depth and breadth of experience. CoreTest uniquely delivers.

Consider five ways CoreTest creates value:

  1. Increases your confidence in purchasing and formulation decisions and quality control of ingredients and feeds.
  2. Provides access to Cargill’s strong expertise in nutrition, additives, management, software and services.
  3. Optimizes your formulation with NIR linked to Cargill software models.
  4. Offers long-term support for your company through constant fine-tuning of calibrations and Cargill’s continual innovation.
  5. Increases your total company margin.

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