CoreDiet™ Nutrition Software

Animal growth and economic modeling for optimizing farm profits.

CoreDiet™ is an on-farm diet design software that can optimize profits on milk, meat and egg production. It helps nutritionists help their farmer clients.

Using sophisticated models, the software builds diets that align animal growth with a farm or facility's economic conditions and goals.

In addition to designing efficacious diets, you can use it to predict animal performance based on the recommended diet.

What CoreDiet™ does.

CoreDiet™ is a systemized approach to diet creation that puts decades of laboratory and animal performance research at your fingertips. It leverages nutritional innovations and business practices that enable unique site and animal group-specific solutions. .

Incorporating the capabilities of the CoreCalc™ nutrient engine, CoreDiet™ accurately updates nutrient profiles of ingredients over time, predicts animal performance, and determines the most cost-effective diets.

The performance and optimization you gain.

Four components comprise CoreDiet™ and lead to greater confidence in diet decisions.

Ingredients – detailed and accurate nutrient profiles, supplier differences, physical attributes, , and feed inventory and usage.

Animal and Site Data – feed intake, production, performance, ambient temperature and humidity.

Animal Model – data from university and proprietary research used to predict dietary requirements for optimal animal performance.

Economic Model – a model to balance on-farm diets and facilitate business decisions around the economic goals of the farm operation.

Together, these components deliver key information that nutritionists and their farm and producer clients can use to understand and improve diets.

Performance Projections and Metrics – cost per animal, average daily gain projections, milk production, income over feed cost, feed efficiency, cost of production.

Optimal Diet Costs – enables you to capitalize on the use of available ingredients and nutrients with seamless integration to formulation

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