CoreCalc™ Nutrient System

Precise nutrient-calculation system for highly accurate nutrient delivery.

CoreCalc™ is a precision nutrient-calculation system that uses basic measured nutrient values to efficiently predict the values of 100-plus species-specific nutrients, enabling efficiency and accuracy in formulations. Using CoreCalc™, you can clearly understand the nutritional effects of ingredient variation.

Precise nutrient calculation has helped first-time feed mill manufacturers and millers capture up to $10 per ton more margin. Existing manufacturers and millers have the potential to capture approximately $4 more per ton every year when using CoreCalc™.


Here's who can benefit from CoreCalc™
  • Any company with direct control over of their manufactured animal nutrition products can reduce its cost of goods sold.
  • Companies or individuals who feed animals and sell animal-based products (such as meat, milk, eggs) can reduce feed.
  • Companies that controls a combination of both product manufacturing and animal production can also reduce both cost of goods sold and feed cost per animal.
  • Procurement teams can easily and effectively analyze the nutrient values of the ingredients coming from their suppliers.
Key advantages offered by CoreCalc™ 

CoreCalc™ provides access to thousands of equations and hundreds of thousands of coefficients determining hundreds of nutrients for various species of animals.

Its precise system of equations is based on 30 years of research and collection of laboratory data. You can embed CoreCalc™ into your Brill Formulation System.


Key Advantages:
  • Provides more accurate nutrient delivery, allowing for tighter nutrient specifications thus significantly reducing ingredient costs while delivering more predictable product performance.
  • Uses basic lab-measured nutrient values to efficiently predict the values of 100-plus more species-specific nutrients for over 700 raw materials, including 500 feed ingredients and over 200 forages.
  • Allows the results to be used real time, giving you the most up-to-date nutrient values for creating formulas.


The confidence you gain

When typical lab-generated nutrients change, all related nutrients change. Yet many changes aren't easily managed. For instance, what happens when protein heat damage is significant? It changes the digestible amino acid content of the ingredient, and those changes are species-specific.

CoreCalc™ takes complex changes and influences into consideration and into calculation.

When you can manage nutrient variability to this extent, you gain more confidence in your formulation and create cost efficiencies.


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