Brill Formulation®

You don’t have time to guess or wonder, looking every which way for the data you need. With Brill Formulation®, you won’t have to. Brill Formulation® helps you get your formulas into production faster, reducing painful manual work to save time and money.

Brill Formulation® user interface is easy to learn, so new members of your team can get up to speed quickly. Industry-leading algorithms and optimization engines gather all the information you need to make the best decisions and meet your customer specifications at least cost. And a built-in validation process ensures that the formula you think you sent to production is what’s actually going out your doors.

Different Brill Formulation® packages enable you to get exactly what you need for your business, whether you’re running one mill with a focus on a single species, or you have a global network to keep connected. Brill Formulation® talks fluently with operations, tagging and financial software, so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

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