Formulate pet food with confidence

Consumers are paying attention to what they feed their pets now more than ever. As a pet food manufacturer, it’s crucial to have clear insight into your pet food formulation. Regardless of the variety of pet food – dry, wet, or treat products – Ara™ Formulation with the Integra-Mix® optimizer empowers you to design any recipe with confidence, manage crucial data, and execute comprehensive analytics, all from a single platform. It gives you increased visibility and control to ensure you’re delivering exceptional pet nutrition.

Developed specifically for pet food formulators and product designers, Integra-Mix® allows users to design targeted pet diets using unique product specifications with all necessary requirements, reflecting their structure and your production process, whether simple, single-layer or complex, multi-stage.

Integra-Mix® was developed with insights from our global customer base to meet the needs of your business at all levels.


With Integra-Mix you can:

  • Shorten the design time of single or multi-component recipes that align with your production process and parameters.
  • Achieve cost-effective quality and nutrition that gives you the competitive edge.
  • Have full control of pet food nutrition and ingredient make-up before production.
  • Incorporate approval, quality control and traceability processes.
  • Realize savings through improved planning and better responses when things change.
  • Assess opportunities in formulations and ingredient purchasing.
  • Achieve production efficiencies through optimized product design.
  • Make confident decisions with a clear view of your business.
  • Take the guesswork out of nutrition.


What our customers say:

“Having the ability to optimize across multiple multi-level formulas with shared subcomponents is a game-changer for our business.”

To learn more about how Ara Integra-Mix helps you formulate pet food with confidence, contact us.