About Us

Digital solutions for feed mills and animal producers.

At Format Solutions, we come to work every day to help feed mills and animal producers do what many can’t right now: Generate accurate data that flows freely throughout their organizations. 

We’re passionate about our work because wherever data is inaccurate or inaccessible, mills, producers and their customers all pay the price.

But when data moves seamlessly through a connected digital solution, the future for mills and producers looks brighter. There’s greater potential for operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and more profits. 

The need for a connected digital solution to design feeds is only growing in importance as industry embraces precision nutrition. This drives us to create the best possible technology. 

Digital technology offers another great promise: the ability to nourish the world safely and sustainably. Thanks to precision nutrition, mills and producers can reach their goals through sustainable animal feed practices that preserve our planet’s resources. 

And that’s exceptionally gratifying to us.

Industry Partners:

Repete Corporation

Repete’s unique process automation solutions provide high performance, support track and trace, and full integration with business system solutions. We provide design, installation and training for complete plant floor control. Our food, animal nutrition and agri-business solutions deliver efficiency, consistency and accountability from the processor to the end user, throughout the world. Contact Information


Wisconsin Electrical Manufacturing Company Inc. (WEM Automation) has been a premier WEM supplier of process controls since 1955. WEM is recognized around the world as an industry leader designing and implementing world-class solutions for your process control, data acquisition and management information system interface needs. Contact information